The Eriskay Pony Society

Protecting and Promoting Scotland's Ancient Hebridean Ponies

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Eriskay Pony Society

The mission of the Eriskay Pony Society is to preserve the Eriskay Pony breed by increasing numbers whilst retaining the breed characteristics. 


The Eriskay Pony's original function no longer exists, so the Society believes the survival and growth of the breed will not be achieved by preserving it as a curiosity. As the overwhelming proportion of equine use in the UK is leisure related, the survival and prosperity of the breed will be secured by creating a demand for their use in a range of leisure activities. 

RBST Marsh Christian Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

The Eriskay Pony Society is delighted that the RBST Marsh Christian Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 was awarded to Donald and Mary McGillivray for their 40 years of dedication to the breed.